About Our Company 
Stark Signals is a professional team of technical specialists, developers, and marketing analysts. The company has been distributing Two-way Radios, Cell phone (Mobile) signal repeaters/ jammers & security equipment for over a decade, We offer a comprehensive range of telecommunication and security equipment that will guarantee you stable connections and comfortable communications whenever you need it, Stark Signals is rapidly gaining in popularity. Every member of our team masters the ins and outs of telecommunication and security-related technologies.

We have cooperated with 10 countries and sold more than 50 000 telecommunication and security equipment.

We know that a reliable communication setup is very important nowadays, that’s why we are here to solve the problem all the problems related to communication and security.

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We Are Stark Signals

Our Mission

At Stark, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full force, we consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on the commitment by attempts to create new technology that is accessible to everyone. Stark is one of the industry leader in accessibility innovation and in telecom & Security products that are safer & easier to use.
We Are Stark Signals

Our Vision

We endeavor to give our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries. Through the provision of market-leading communication products, we are dedicated to enhancing the customer service levels, improvising their workplace efficiency and increasing their productivity levels.

Our People

  • Confident and authoritative in their area of expertise.
  • Acting with integrity at all times, meaning our clients work only with people they can trust.
  • Respected, developed, and treated with mutual respect to attract and retain the best people for our clients.

Our Client Service Philosophy

  • Put our client’s needs first and at the heart of the relationship.
  • Expect to be measured on the value that we deliver.
  • Accept that technical excellence is a given.
  • Committed to fairness and transparency.

Our Passion and Ambition

  • Delivering the results you want.
  • Continually seeking new ways to improve.


  • Ensuring excellence through the recruitment of people from different backgrounds and levels of experience, with each possessing common values.
We Are Stark Signals


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