We speak on cellular phones in less appropriate places for mobile communication like subways and elevators. Still the power of mobile providers is not limitless. Inhabitants of rural zones and remote regions, owners and clients of shops and saloons located in basements still suffer from weak signal or its absolute absence. In such situations mobile signal Booster & jammers are able to help considerably.

Booster & jammer installation is a quick and easy task. However, dealing with technical devices we can always need some assistance. First helper in the process of Booster & jammer installation can be the Manual for Mobile Repeater you’re welcome to download from the page of any gsm repeater model. To manage mobile phone Booster & jammer installation easily you can also read the following article.

  1. Cell phone Booster & jammer.
  2. Outdoor antenna with 10-meter standard cable.
  3. Indoor antenna.
  4. Power supply


Find an appropriate position for an outdoor antenna.
Requirements to outdoor antenna installation
  1. Outdoor antenna should be installed on the roof of the house or in some other place where your mobile device is within coverage zone. Mobile signal should be as strong that at least three-four bars are indicated on your phone display.
  2. Outdoor antenna should be fixed in straightly.
  3. Plug in the outdoor antenna to the mobile Booster & jammer from BS side and fasten tightly.
  4. Plug in the indoor antenna to the mobile Booster & jammer from MS side and fasten tightly.
Requirements to indoor antenna installation:
  1. Indoor antenna should be 5 meter distance from an outdoor antenna.
  2. Indoor antenna should be at least 2 meters above the ground.
  3. Iindoor antenna should be fixed vertically with the ground.
  4. Connect the signal Booster & jammer to the Power Supply.
  5. Test the signal of your mobile telephone – a maximum quantity of bars should be indicated on the display of your phone in each corner of the location within Booster & jammer coverage zone. In case the mobile signal is still instable try to change the position of the outdoor antenna for more proper one.

Note* :- Switch on the signal Booster & jammer only after you connect outdoor and indoor antennas in the proper way!

Important notes for installation
  • Cables from outdoor antenna should not be wound and be placed as straight as possible in order not to create any hindrance for signal reception and its transmission.
  • Cables should be shortened to the acceptable maximum so that not to waste or decrease mobile signal coverage range.
  • In order to prevent water from coming into the mobile phone Booster & jammer through the cable make a loop in it.
  • Keep the outdoor antenna as far as possible from frequency aerials, high voltage cables, metal nets or transformers.


Practically half of each day we spend on the way. So, when driving a car we always need to stay in touch with family, friends or colleagues. However, mobile signal can get weaker depending on the environmental zone, power waste of wireless transmission and shadow effects of buildings can also substitute a real obstacle for quality mobile connection. A sensible resolution to this problem can be installation of a signal repeater in your car. Such a device is able to amplify GSM signals coming from mobile station wherever you go and guarantee its improvement up to satisfactory level.


  1. Find a suitable position for an in-car antenna (e.g. under the seat of a driver).
  2. Plug in the in-car antenna into the in-car antenna interface of the signal Booster & jammer and fasten it tightly.
  3. Mount out-of-car antenna in the car trunk with the help of two screws. / Magnetic Antenna.
  4. Plug in the out-of-car antenna into the out-of-car antenna interface of the Booster & jammer and fasten the screws tightly.
  5. Connect the Power with cigar lighter.

If the indicator on the Booster & jammer lights up the installation has been executed properly.

Note* :- Switch on the signal Booster & jammer only after installing out-of-car and in-car antennas correctly !

  1. Test the signal of your mobile telephone. After installation mobile signal should get maximally strong within all the car area. In case the mobile connection is still instable try to change the position of the antennas for a more appropriate one.